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Date: 07 February,2024

Spices are referred to as plant-based substances that are used as an ingredient to add flavour to any dish. It refers to any dried part of a plant, used for seasoning, flavouring recipes and making it tastier. The other part of the plant, including dried bark, roots, berries, seeds, twigs or anything else, is considered as a spice. But the green leafy parts of plants are considered herbs. India is the world’s largest consumer as well as the producer of spices. India has a study centre devoted to spices named as Indian Institute of Spices Research.

Spices have been in use for centuries in our culture for both culinary and medicinal purposes. Spices not only add flavour, aroma and taste to our food but also protect us from chronic diseases. Research over the decades has reported on the wide range of health benefits of spices. Spices such as clove, rosemary, sage, and oregano are good sources of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Cinnamon is especially great for people who have high blood sugar. It also provides heart-healthy benefits, such as reducing high blood cholesterol. One of the components of turmeric is a substance called curcumin. Because of its anti-inflammatory qualities, it is effective at reducing pain and swelling in people with arthritis. It also reduces inflammation in the brain, which has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and depression.

A blend of spices makes your food tastier and healthier with their flavour and aroma. They can transform a simple dish into an extraordinary one. Spices are the secret ingredients of every dish which makes it a masterpiece. The perfect blend of spices creates a symphony in your kitchen to make the best dishes that taste beyond imagination. No matter what you cook, spices can turn every dish into the best one. Adding spice to your dish makes it tastier and also healthy.

Who we are! | best Indian masala brand

The Marvel Group started its journey in 1994 through Marvel Tea Estate, which materialized because of their vision of providing excellent-quality tea to people in India and abroad. In 2023, the Marvel Group decided to expand its business ventures into the Indian spice market with its brand name KPG Masale. The Managing Director of the Marvel Group, who has given his valuable years of hard work and dedication, has a vision regarding KPG to serve the best in quality and taste through whole and blended spice products.

KPG's cutting-edge, state of the art manufacturing facilities are outfitted with best-in-class automated machines, making the process more precise, efficient, and hygienic. We are continually working to produce unique formulations to meet the demands and expectations of customers. The internal quality assurance department ensures the efficacy of the quality systems.

How we manufacture spices | best selling masala in India

For the masala production, the cutting-edge technology has revolutionised the traditional blending of spices. The art of blending lies in the technological advancements so that it can preserve the authentic fragrance and essential oils of spices. The journey begins with selecting good quality spices and grinding them at the perfect temperature so that the aromatic flavours of spices are in them. The temperature and humidity control systems add another layer of perfection.

Furthermore, advanced packaging solutions with freshness-sealing technology maintain the masala’s aroma over time. Vacuum-sealed containers and nitrogen-flushing techniques prevent oxidation, also preserve the spices’ essence and flavour until they reach the consumer’s kitchen.

From sourcing to packaging, every step is streamlined, without compromising the authenticity of the masala. The new technology of blending spices is inspired by the traditional technology, so that the blended masala may last more time. Freshness is sealed in with precision- engineered packaging that prevents air and light from degrading the flavour of masala. Our packaging is purely hygienic and advanced because we want to deliver quality to our customers. Good packaging preserves the aroma and essence of natural spices that turn your dish to the extraordinary one. Every step is followed very carefully to bring the authentic flavour of Indian spices.

Our Basic and Blended Masala | best selling Indian masala

Basic masale are the essence of diverse culinary traditions that add unique flavours and aroma to your food. These spices are the backbone of the Indian culinary dishes. From the essence of turmeric powder to the earthy flavour of coriander powder, each basic masala tells a story of tradition and cultural taste. These masalas not only make your food tastier but also connect to the cultural roots of cooking. We have three basic spices turmeric powder, red chilli powder and coriander powder. We select our spices from the best place to bring the authentic Indian taste. Let’s known more in details-

  • Selam Turmeric Powder - Add the golden touch to your recipes with our Selam turmeric powder. We sourced turmeric from Selam, a place in Tamil Nadu, which is famous for ages of turmeric production. Salem turmeric is bigger and also known for its bright colour and taste. A small pinch of our Salem turmeric can make our food more visually appealing because of its orange-yellow hue.

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  • Guntur Red Chilli powder - Spice up your culinary creations with our Guntur red chilli powder. It is sourced from Guntur, a place in Andhra Pradesh. It is renowned as the “chilli capital of India”. Its status is a global hub for the production and trade of red chillies. These chillies are hot to handle, also adding red chillies to your dish will enhance the overall flavour by making it spicy and tangy. Indian cuisine is more pleasurable when it is spicy.

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  • Coriander Powder - Discover the essence of freshness with our coriander powder. Ramganj Mandi is a city in Rajasthan known as the “coriander city”. Our coriander seeds come from the coriander hub to bring an earthy flavour to your dish. It is a common ingredient in pickles and chutneys that enhance the overall flavour profile. Add a pinch of coriander powder to any dish for a hint of warmth and depth into
  • Basic and Blended Masala

Blended Spices

Blended spices are like a magical mix of natural spices that make your every dish amazing and tasty. Every blend has a unique mix of spices that blend to give dishes delicious flavours. These spice blends are like secret recipes that chefs as well as home cook use to add authentic touches to their dishes.

The tangy flavour of these blended spices includes coriander, dry mango, black salt, musk melon, cumin, mint leaves, dry ginger, asafoetida, tamarind powder, clove, and more spices that blend to create the perfect flavour and taste. In every bite, your taste buds go on another level because every bite feels like perfection in taste and spicy flavour. The secret behind KPG blended spice is their magical ingredients that blend perfectly to create a spice mix that is passed from generation to generation. The perfect blend transforms these raw spices into a culinary masterpiece. These ingredients are selected with very careful eyes and blended to create a harmonious flavour that boosts the taste and turns any ordinary dish into an extraordinary dish.

Blended spice is a mixture of warm spices that bring an aromatic flavour to your plate. Our Garam masala found its roots in the diverse culinary Indian tradition. It is a perfection of richness and aroma. With several health benefits, our kasuri methi is a hidden treasure in your kitchen which can transform your dish into a masterpiece. It is rich in fibre, iron and many vital elements. The blending of some spice combinations is notable for their capacity to make everyday meals into a masterpiece feast. Our Kitchen King Masala is the all-time favourite spice mixture in kitchens worldwide. The result is a mix that brings together the warmth of spices, the earthiness of herbs, and a hint of sweetness in your food. We have Chhole masala, Chat masala, Chicken masala, Meat masala, Garam masala, Kitchen king masala, Sambhar masala and many more blended masala to make your food more tastier. Our spice mix is rich with unique spices and blended perfectly to create a symphony of natural spices.

Why choose us

Choosing KPG masala can be a delightful decision for several reasons. KPG Masala is highly committed to delivering high-quality masalas that make your food tastier. KPG masala is synonymous with premium quality. Our brand is dedicated to sourcing the finest spices and maintaining rigorous quality control throughout the production process.

KPG masala is crafted with a commitment to preserving the authentic flavours of various spice blends. The blending of spices ensures that your dishes capture the true essence of Indian cuisine. Whether you are looking for the perfect Garam Masala or chicken masala, KPG masala offers a diverse range of spices mix to suit various culinary preferences. This variety allows you to explore and experiment with different flavours in your cooking journey.

When choosing KPG masala, you are not just selecting a spice brand; you are opting for a culinary companion that adds depth, aroma and authentic taste.

Masala Company in India


Choosing KPG masala is not merely selecting a spice brand that turns your cooking game. The brand ensures that each masala blend captures the authentic essence of the spices, bringing a burst of flavour to every dish or recipe. The convenience of ready-made spice mix, coupled with consistent quality, makes KPG masala a reliable choice.


1. What sets KPG masala apart from others?

KPG Masale prides itself on a commitment to quality and authenticity. We source the finest raw materials and employ rigorous quality control measures to ensure that our spices meet the highest standards in flavour, aroma, and purity.

2. How do you guarantee the quality of your spices?

We adhere to stringent quality control processes throughout the entire production chain. From sourcing raw materials to packaging the final product, our dedicated team monitors and tests for flavour, colour and aroma to ensure that the best spices reach our customers.

3. What is the difference between blended and basic spices?

Basic spices are individual spices in their purest form, such as coriander, chilli or turmeric. Blended spices, on the other hand, are a combination of different spices carefully curated to create unique flavour profiles, such as kitchen king masala or garam masala.

4. Can I trust the technology used in the manufacturing process?

Our manufacturing technology employs state-of-the-art equipment and processes designed to preserve the natural characteristics of each spice. We employ cold-press technique to preserve the aroma and flavours of the spices. From grinding to blending, our technology ensures that the spices retain their essential oils, flavours, and nutritional value.

5. How do you ensure the freshness of your spices?

We prioritize freshness by employing efficient packaging techniques that seal in the flavour and aroma of our spices. Our packaging is designed with enhanced barrier properties to protect against light, air, and moisture, ensuring that you experience the full, robust taste of our spices every time.

6. Can I find regional in your product range?

Yes, our extensive product range includes a variety of regional spices sourced from places that are known to produce its best quality. We source red chilli from Guntur and turmeric from Salem. We strive to offer a diverse selection to meet your culinary needs.

7. Do you provide any information about the origins of your spices?

Absolutely! Transparency about the origins of our spices is crucial to us. We provide information on the geographical regions where our spices are sourced for the basic spices, allowing our customers to connect with the rich cultural and agricultural heritage behind each spice.