Company Profile

A Marvelous Story

The KPG journey commences with a meticulous selection of the finest masala ingredients sourced from across the country. A detailed process unfolds thereafter, with a relentless focus on quality. Quality is not just a principle at KPG Masale; it's our very essence. Our state-of-the-art testing laboratories ensure that every blend meets the highest standards. It is taken a step further with airtight, multi-layer packaging, preserving the masala's richness and organic essence, delivering a titillating experience in every bite of food prepared with the masale. KPG Masale is not just about spices; it is about creating a memorable taste that adds zest to your life, enhancing the spice experience.

KPG Masale takes immense pride in delivering spices that enrich lives, with a great emphasis on quality control, stringent safety standards, and continuous improvement. The journey from farm to food begins with a careful selection of spices of the finest quality. The in-house team of experts has created precise blends that ensure consistency in taste and aroma, with quality control throughout the creation process. Airtight packaging shields spices from moisture, light, and air, extending their shelf life. The commitment to comply with all regulations and norms, guaranteeing hygiene and safety, is what sets the brand apart from the rest.

2010 turned out to be a milestone year for Marvel Group when it strategically moved its headquarters to the high-rising Marvel Tower in Gurgaon. The move to the National Capital Region proved vital to the group’s expansion.

Quality control is not a static but an on-going process. This is why KPG Masale has been established with the goal to pursue excellence in every aspect of spice production. With the strong backing of its exemplary leadership and dedicated workforce, the brand is headed towards creating a grand success story.

Passing on the Legacy

In 2023, MR. PARVEEN JAIN decided to expand its business ventures into the Indian spice market with its brand name KPG Masale. Mr. Praveen Jain, the Managing Director of the Marvel Group who has given Marvel his valuable years of hard work and dedication, has a vision regarding KPG to serve the best in quality and taste through whole and blended spices products.

KPG's cutting-edge state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are outfitted with the best in class-automated machines, making the process more precise, efficient, and hygienic. R&D is continually working to produce unique formulations to meet the demands and expectations of customers. The internal quality assurance department ensures the efficacy of the quality systems.

As a unit, KPG group believes in creating delight and putting smiles on the faces of its customers and associates. And it wishes you all to give your support to reach the peak in this new venture.